Jonathan Murcelo, also known as Redfish Hunter, is an avid kayak fisherman who started fishing in Puerto Rico with his uncle at an early age. He has gained a lot experience in saltwater fishing, including offshore and inshore fishing, and has become an expert in what methods to use depending on the time of the year. Jonathan later moved to Austin, Texas, where he started bass fishing and gained knowledge learned the techniques used in landing big bass, which led him to explore freshwater redfish in San Antonio, Brauning, and Calaveras. Jonathan has placed high in many fishing tournaments, including winning the Rey del Mar fishing tournament in 2022. As a versatile fisherman, he continues to fish both fresh and salt water, and has recently become a kayak fishing guide.

Adam Milstead, The Prototype, is a former UFC mixed martial artist who retired from fighting in 2018 and now is focused on his love for kayak fishing. Born and raised in Southern Maryland, he has been passionate about fishing since he was a child. Even at a young age, when Adam was borrowing a neighbors kayaks to fish off shore, this is when he really fell in love with the concept of fishing out of a plastic boat. There nothing like getting splashed in the face by a mean rockfish or bluefish and paddling through the 4 foot swells past the sandbars. Beyond saltwater fishing, Adam particularly enjoys fishing for Striped Bass, and Kayak Bass fishing. After retiring from fighting, he started competing in kayak bass tournaments and is now living his childhood dream of being a professional bass fisherman. Adam is part of the ZPRO fishing team and praises their batteries as the best on the market.

Raised in Biloxi Mississippi, Daniel chased redfish & speckled trout in the Mississippi Sound and the marshes of Southeast Louisiana growing up. Summers were spent with my grandfather hunting big bass in the backwaters of the Pascagoula River or paddling the Black Creek & Wolf River in a canoe. After graduating high school, I served ten years in the Air Force where I was stationed all over the world including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Diego Garia B.I.O.T, Iceland, England and South Korea. Upon separating from the service, I took my bass fishing to the next level finding success at University of Montevallo’s top ten ranked college fishing team and as the President from 2012-2015 (President 2014). I now live in Hoover Alabama and am heavily involved in the kayak bass fishing scene. I also participate regularly in local trails including Iron City Kayak Anglers, North Alabama Kayak Anglers, River Region Kayak Anglers and Cullman Kayak Anglers. Nationally, I have fished events with B.A.S.S., Hobie and Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF). I currently host The Advanced Kayak Angler Podcast.

Garrett makes his home in Conway Arkansas with his wife Jessica and their two daughters Ainslee and Aspen. Garrett is a versatile angler that has been with ZPro since 2022. Garrett is 1 of 3 anglers to land in the top 10 for angler of the year standings in the Bassmaster Kayak Series each year it has been in existence. He has run a 100ah 12v on his auto pilot the last two years with flawless performance in battery life. This next year he will have an all ZPro battery set up with his new epdl, adding live scope to the mix! Look for Garrett in the Bassmaster Kayak Series and Championship in 2024!

Luis Delgado is a passionate angler hailing from the state of Georgia. Luis has been in love with the sport of fishing since he can remember. Luis recalls at a very young age of a very distinct memory of wading rivers in Mexico with his father. As he got older he would stay up late watching fishing tournaments on tv and then heading out early the next morning to fish the golf course ponds his dad worked at. Kayak fishing opened everything up for him and became a new passion. Luis went from the bank to on the rivers and lakes and enjoyed the sport even more. Luis is happily married and has two sweet little girls that he hopes will enjoy the outdoors with him as they grow. Luis is involved with several Kayak Fishing Groups in and around Georgia and fishes many of the National Fishing Trails.

Rolando Nandin is a passionate angler hailing from the city of San Antonio, Texas. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lone Star State, Rolando developed a deep love for fishing and the great outdoors. From an early age, Rolando honed his angling skills by exploring the rivers, lakes, and surrounding waters of Texas. His determination and dedication to the sport led him to become an accomplished tournament angler. Two national wins under his belt with several top 10 finishes has helped with gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fishing techniques. Rolando's expertise extends beyond just catching fish. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the local ecosystems, fish behavior, and electronics. Not only is Rolando a skilled angler, but he also has a deep respect for nature and the environment. He advocates for responsible fishing practices. As an angler, Rolando is not only driven by the thrill of the catch but also by the joy of sharing his passion with others. He enjoys teaching and mentoring aspiring anglers, passing down his knowledge and helping them develop their skills on the water. Rolando Nandin is a true ambassador of the sport.

Dustin Nichols is a passionate angler hailing originally from the low country of southeast Georgia; Dustin cut his teeth on farm pond bass and the mixed bag of the inshore waters the " Golden Isles" offered. Fishing has been in his blood since a young age. Dustin, now residing in Texas, he has been kayak fishing since 2014 and you can find him from Sabine to South Padre chasing redfish and trophy speckled trout or pitching and cranking for bass on many of Texas' lakes. Always having a competitive nature, Dustin is keen to travel and fish kayak tournaments at the local and national level in both fresh and salt water. Dustin enjoys helping new anglers and sharing tips to new kayak fisherman and hosts Chasin' the Tide, a saltwater kayak podcast. I guess you could call Dustin a kayak fishing addict. He says- "well maybe ask his wife-she can assure that is the case".

US Army Infantry, Iraq-Afghanistan Vet. Disabled Vet/Combat wounded. Jon or known to most as Big Less, Jon started fishing with his Father and Grandfather fishing farm ponds, and growing up fishing KY/Barkley Lakes. Jon honed his skill's on Old Hickory Lake in Tn as one of the few teenagers who had his own boat. Jon switched from Bass and Cats to trout when he went off to college in the mountains of Va. Jon enlisted in the Army and fished what was readily available: Bass, Cats, Trout and Salmon. Before he retired from the Army, Jon became an accomplished tournament Catfish Angler traveling the South East. Due to injuries Jon was forced to scale down his fishing. Jon was introduced to Kayak Bass Fishing by a fellow Disabled Vet and avid Kayak Angler. Jon is now able to pursue his obsession for fishing and incorporate therapy into his daily routine. Jon is very grateful to his friends, family, and Sponsors for giving him the opportunity to make his obsession, his passion.

Abby Abbondanza is not only a kayak fisherman, but has had some success in the country music industry as well. Formerly the lead vocalist for the Pittsburgh, PA based country band, The PovertyNeck Hillbillies, who signed a major label deal with Rust Records from 2005-2008. Their first released nationwide single was a top 30 Billboard hit “Mr. Right Now”, and they were also named the official band of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. Abby currently is the lead vocalist for the country band THW, who has landed two top 50 charted songs, “Damn I Just Wanna Kiss You”, and “Lonely “Girl”, on the Billboard charts in the past five years. Abby has also been an avid bass fisherman since the early age of 9yrs old. Competitive fishing started in his twenties on the local/regional boat tournament trails. Fast forward to 2021, Abby was introduced to kayak fishing by a good friend, ex UFC fighter, Adam Milstead, & started fishing full-time from a kayak. Abby started competing his first year in local/regional Kayak Angler & PA Bass Nation tournaments. Gaining his confidence, & honing his skills from the kayak, he then decided to see where he would fit on the nationally known Hobie BOS kayak series trail in 2022. Fishing four events in the Hobie BOS series in 2022, Abby was able to place 5th in the Susquehanna river event, & also found himself in 21st in AOY points, which qualified him in his first Hobie BOS Tournament of Champions that November at Caddo lake. In 2023, Abby was able to cash multiple checks in the Hobie BOS Series, & then landed an automatic submission to his second Hobie BOS Tournament of Champions by taking third place at KY lake. 2024 has been a great start with Abby’s first national kayak trail series win at the Hobie BOS 3rd event at Logan Martin lake. This also secured Abby a spot to his third Hobie BOS Tournament of Champions to be held at Santee Cooper lake in the fall of 2024. Abby is partnered with some of the well known brands in the fishing industry, Zman, Native Kayaks, Torqeedo, & Fishing Online. He also partnered with a nostalgic nationwide lumber company brand, 84 Lumber, as his title sponsor for the 2023/2025 seasons.

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I’ve always harbored ambitious dreams of competing against the best in the world of fishing. Despite my deep-rooted family connections, much of my life was spent simply enjoying fishing trips across the country. It wasn’t until 2019 that I received an invitation to my very first bass boat tournament, where I surprised everyone by finishing 5th and later clinching the club’s Angler of the Year title. During that same season, I managed to secure victory in only my second kayak competition at the state level. Although I had some lingering doubts, 2020 marked a turning point when I successfully cashed a check in my inaugural National Trail competition. From that moment on, I never looked back. I went on to claim a national victory in the BASSMASTER BASS NATION Kayak Series and emerged as the champion of the 2022 and 2023 BASS Nation Georgia State Championships, with other accolades quickly following suit. I am proud to exclusively participate in the Hobie Bass Open Series and BASSMASTER kayak circuits, piloting a Hobie PA14 360 powered by ZPRO Lithium Batteries!
Now, I am based in Grovetown, Georgia, where I spend my time with my wife, daughters, and two beloved dogs. I also cherish the opportunity to travel with my wife and continue pursuing my passion for competitive fishing.

Albert Guzman is just a kayak guy from San Antonio who is what we call a fish junky. Don’t let his late start in fishing fool you he will fish with the best of em. With numerous top 10 finishes under his belt in saltwater tournaments from Texas all the way to the white sandy beaches in Florida he will travel looking for the fish of a lifetime. Whether he is sneaking up on a school of Red Drum in the flats, using his electronics to locate the ever elusive Red Snapper or trying to chase down a speedy King Mackerel he has a big smile on his face. He represents what we here at Zpro Lithium try to bring to everyone using our products…an easy enjoyable experience on the water!

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