For all ZPRO Lithium-Ion Batteries, the limited warranty provided herein is to the original purchaser only and will extend for twelve (12) years from the date of the product’s purchase. Proof of purchase, in the form of either a manufacturer’s invoice, or a receipt from an authorized dealer, is necessary for the warranty to be in force.

Within 30 days of delivery, if the battery is returned undamaged, and in its original packaging, the purchaser will receive a refund of the original purchase price minus a 5% restocking fee and the price of return shipping.

Should any covered defect in materials or workmanship be discovered during the first six (6) years following the battery’s purchase, ZPRO will replace the battery free of charge subject to the exclusions below. Obtaining a free replacement battery during the six (6) year free replacement period does not extend the term of this warranty.

Should any covered defect in materials or workmanship be discovered during the remaining six (6) years following the product’s purchase, you, the original purchaser have the following choices, based upon a prorated scale:

1. Obtain a replacement battery at the indicated reduction from the current replacement price.

2. Obtain a credit at the indicated reduction from the current replacement price.

3. Have your battery repaired as per ZPRO Lithium quote

Following is the ZPRO prorating policy:

A. At year 7 and year 8 and the purchaser qualifies for a 20% MSRP price reduction.

B. At year 9 and year 10, the purchaser qualifies for a 15% MSRP price reduction.

C. After year 11, up until one day before the 12-year purchase anniversary, the purchaser qualifies for a 10% MSRP price reduction.

Special codes and/or sale prices are excluded form prorated policy.


This limited warranty does not apply to damage to or failure of a product that results from:

(a.) Any condition deemed negligence to be determined by ZPRO

(b.) Accident (including, but not limited to, damage during shipment and natural disasters);

(c.) Other circumstances beyond ZPRO’s control (including, but not limited to, normal capacity loss or increased resistance due to product aging

(d.) Improper installation, operation in an unintended manner (including, but not limited to, abnormal or non-consumer use or use in an environment outside the recommended temperature range or humidity), maintenance, or storage (including, but not limited to, storage in an overly discharged state)

(e.) Any other damage directly or indirectly caused by the product’s owner, other third parties, or other products (including, but not limited to, misuse, abuse, overcharging, over-discharging, exceeding of the product’s limitations set forth in the product’s specification sheet or label, neglect, physical damages caused by accidents or crashes, vibration damage, alterations, or connection to poorly-grounded battery chargers).

This limited warranty will also not apply to defects or non-conformities due to the manufacturing process, which are discovered after the expiration of the applicable warranty period.

If the battery is relocated outside of the continental United States during the applicable warranty period, the battery’s owner will be responsible for any additional charges (including, but not limited to, shipping and other related charges and expenses) incurred during the warranty process as a result of such a relocation.


To file a claim under this limited warranty, contact ZPRO for the RMA number and further instructions, by sending an email to: info@zprolithium.com. Upon receipt of the claim notification, ZPRO will send a form, which must be completed and returned in order for any claim to be considered.

All batteries for which a warranty claim is being made must be returned directly to ZPRO. Warranty claims cannot be initiated or facilitated through ZPRO’s distributors or retailers and a warranty battery cannot be returned to the distributor or retailer from which it was purchased.

When returning your battery to ZPRO, it is preferable to use the original box and packaging in which the battery was shipped. All of our products are delivered in packaging that meets or exceeds federal and international standards for shipping lithium-ion batteries.

If the original packaging has been discarded, ZPRO will send, upon request from the purchaser, the required packaging materials. These materials, plus shipping costs, will be prepaid by the purchaser, Potential refund of these costs and fees will be held until such time as an evaluation of the condition of the battery has been made. If the battery is deemed as meeting the warranty criteria, the cost of packaging and shipping will be refunded by ZPRO.

Standard commercial shipping companies, such as FedEx and UPS must be used for warranty returns. Shipping that does not have tracking availability will not be recognized and will invalidate the warranty.

If, upon evaluation, the battery is deemed to be out of warranty, the purchaser has the option to either pay to have the battery repaired and shipped, or to purchase a new replacement battery with free shipping included.