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ZPRO Lithium's Revolutionary 48V and 36V Golf Cart Batteries

Welcome to the future of golf cart power with ZPRO Lithium's cutting-edge 48V and 36V golf cart batteries with a 12 year warranty. Crafted with advanced lithium-ion technology, these batteries offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and longevity.

Experience peak performance with ZPRO Lithium golf cart batteries, boasting extreme power, low self-discharge, and continuous discharge currents up to 200A. These batteries offer over 2000-4000 cycles, far surpassing lead-acid alternatives, and their 50% lighter weight ensures easy installation.

Equipped with a built-in 200A Battery Management System, ensuring exceptional safety and performance. ZPRO Lithium batteries are designed for compatibility with major golf cart controllers and are equipped with an external touch monitor for battery monitoring information. With ZPRO Lithium, your golf cart journey reaches new levels of power, longevity, and convenience.