The Trusted Choice for Innovative Lithium Batteries

Our goal is to provide anglers with technologically advanced lithium batteries they can rely on while enjoying boating and fishing activities.


While our products can be used for a variety of applications, they are primarily designed for the powerboat and kayak fishing industries. This has given us the opportunity to stay focused on providing customers a higher level of technologically advanced batteries optimized for their specific activities.

ZPRO Lithium Battery Benefits:

•30+ years of lithium technological experience resulting in safer, longer lasting batteries that are smaller and lighter than traditional batteries

•High reliability ratings with vigorous in-lab and non-stop in the field Pro Staff testing

•Ultra-fast charging capabilities with up to 2000 100% deep cycles

•Fully guaranteed with a no hassle 12-year Warranty


Expertly Designed and Manufactured Lithium Batteries: Introducing ZPRO

ZPRO was established in 2021 but we are no strangers to the lithium battery and outdoor recreation industries. Our US based parent company, PHD Energy, has been in the business of custom designed batteries for over six years backed by over 30 years of experience. With the growth of the power boating and kayak fishing industries, we recognized the opportunity, dialed in our technology and partnered with a group of outdoor industry experts resulting in the successful launch of the ZPRO Lithium Batteries brand to complement the demand. Today, ZPRO Lithium Batteries is one of the fastest growing lithium battery brands in the outdoor industry with proven 5 star results.

Lithium technology has been the cutting edge of battery power for several years. However, not every Lithium battery is built the same; nor do they perform the same. ZPRO is different from most Lithium battery producers because we have our own team of designers, engineers, and scientists – so we control the quality of our Lithium products from beginning to end. Our hands-on environment gives ZPRO the edge in Lithium power design and production, and you can see that in every battery we make. Because we control our processes internally, ZPRO doesn’t use middle-men to broker cheaper components or designs. We’re proud of the Lithium batteries and products made by our team, and our work speaks for itself. Our Lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than other Lithium batteries, and we’re so confident ZPRO Lithium products are the best available, they’re backed by our industry-leading 8-year warranty. We use only the finest materials in our Lithium batteries, and our commitment to quality shows in every battery we make.